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This is the last page for the Friday issue! All that’s left is Saturday then Briar Hollow Vol. 1 will be complete! I hope you guys have been enjoying it so far. I’ve seen a lot of new readers saying they’ve heard about Briar from The X-Gays, so thanks guys for helping spread the word about my comic. If you’re new here, be sure to follow Briar Hollow on Facebook or me on Twitter to keep up-to-date about projects I am working on or events I will be at. Speaking of other projects reaching milestones, my podcast, The Gnerd Podcast, will be reaching its 50th episode this Wednesday! I’ve accomplished a lot this week. I think it’s time for a vacation (New York here I come!)

I will be at Kumoricon with fellow Periscope Studio mates Ron Chan, Cat Faris and Grace Allison August 31st through September 2nd. Stop by and say “Hi!”.

Lady Everglen

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lady eOh Lady Everglen and the little unicorn-dragon hybrid baby. It occurs to me that I’ve never given the unicorn-dragon hybrid baby a proper cryptozoological name. What should it be? Dragorn? Unigon? Unidrag? I’m open to suggestions so feel free to post one in the comments and you too can help shape Briar Hollow continuity!