Saturday Page 04


We’re back at The Book Worm!

I had surgery yesterday but that didn’t stop me from posting a page! It might stop me next week though. I’ll do my best.

Remember, Sam dyed her hair back to it’s original/natural color at the end of last issue? What do you guys think? Is it weird? Cute? I know you all got used to her with the red but she wanted to try something different.


Owen by D.J. Kirkland

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Owen by DJ for web

I was very happy to receive this piece of art by my friend D.J. Kirkland. I am loving these pieces of Owen in his underwear. They’re all adorable and fun and D.J. really captured him well. Keep ‘em coming!

I did Bent-con in Los Angeles this week, so forgive me for not having a story page. You’ll have one next week.


Molly and Chase by Brian Wolf

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Brian Wolf briar image


This adorable piece of art was drawn by awesome and talented Brian Wolf. I threw a little color on to it, but definitely check out his web comic Stardust Slammers:

Apologies for posting three pages and then a bunch of art (but all the pieces by other artists are amazing, no?) but new pages coming in about a week after I go to Bent-con in Los Angeles!