Episode 14: Fall Television, Part 1 ?>

Episode 14: Fall Television, Part 1

We have a lot of ground to cover in the upcoming episodes. Terry (@terryblas) and Colin (@thebookpirate) are committed to watching as many of the new fall TV shows as possible. They’ve also managed to rope Crystal (@TheUniblogger) from the Uniblog into the challenge. Between the three of them, they’ve watched 13 of the 23 new network shows debuting this fall. Since research shows people don’t like 3 hour long podcasts, we’re dividing our conversation up into multiple podcasts and will be posting weekly. IN Part 1 we cover:

  • Animal Practice
  • New Normal
  • Go On
  • Guys With Kids
  • Partners
  • Ben & Kate
  • Neighbors

Did you watch any of these shows? Thoughts?

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