Episode 17: We’re Old! ?>

Episode 17: We’re Old!

Last night Terry and I [Colin] stayed up waaaay too late waiting for Romney’s concession speech followed by (45 minutes later) Obama’s acceptance speech. We’re on the west coast so that means we didn’t get to bed until 10:30! Way past our bedtime. Yes, we’re old. Just the other day Terry was practically yelling at some kids to get off of our yard. Which brings us to the theme of this week’s podcast: We’re old.

This week we are joined by Conley, Jimmy and Sage who tell us where they were when they heard the news that Disney purchased Lucasfilm for a ridiculous amount of money. Naturally, while we’re on the topic of George Lucas and all the great things he has contributed to in the world, we are obligated to bring up Star Wars Holiday Special (YouTube) and classic Lucasarts adventure games.

Other topics include:

Then Terry cuts Conley and I [Colin] off just as we start talking about Mass Effect. :-(

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