Episode 02: Friendship is Magic (aka My Little Pony) ?>

Episode 02: Friendship is Magic (aka My Little Pony)

Announcing the much anticipated second episode of the Gnerd Podcast. Thank you everybody who tuned in to the first episode, and we hope you enjoy the second. In this installment Kimball and I discuss something very dear to us, My Little Pony. As kids we both enjoyed playing with the ponies and watching the cartoons. They have since brought back MLP as this awesome cartoon called Friendship is Magic. It’s pretty awesome. Oddly enough, it has become very popular, particularly with guys. Bronies, if you will. If you enjoy our single podcast about MLP, there is an entire podcast dedicated to dudes who enjoy MLP called Bronyville. Yeah, so it’s not just us.

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Terry and Kimball will return in
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  • VozDeSuenos

    I really enjoyed listening to you guys! I liked seeing the fandom from the perspective of people who have been in it a lot longer than I have.

    I actually found this a couple days ago as a result of an image in the Draw Friends on EqD. Normally, I don't go looking for the sources, but I do a weekly fan fic reading and have started doing My Little Avengers. I was hoping to use that image and offer appropriate credit, who should I put down as the artist for: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-T-tfn6EhTK0/Tqx9f4122RI… ? Also, I'll be recording the podcasty portion of my episode later today and would like to mention the Gnerd Podcast if y'all don't mind.

  • http://www.terryblas.com Terry Blas

    Of course you can use the image! Feel free! Just credit me, Terry Blas and show my website wherever you can: http://www.terryblas.com

    Thanks for wanting to mention the podcast! My only request: Send me a link when it's up so I can listen! terryblas@gmail.com



  • nerdychaz

    Great Show! You darn hipsters have to say "well, I liked MLP before it was cool" haha Anyway, I just found this great segway into the next show, Rainbow Dash to the Firefly theme!

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  • Sarah Portland

    Holy crap! I so had that MLP castle!

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