Episode 23: Podcasting About Podcasts ?>

Episode 23: Podcasting About Podcasts




If you like podcasts, and if you listen to us chances are good that you do, then we would like to take 58 minutes of your time to tell you about some of our favorite podcasts. What do we here at The Gnerd Podcast listen to while drawing, driving and/or cleaning the kitchen? We decided to compile a list and share it with you. We also have our good friend Natalie Nourigat joining us for the first time. She is the illustrator of Between GearsMy Boyfriend is a Monster: Wrapped Up in You and, most recently, illustrated a story based on the web series Husbands created by Jane Espenson. We were originally going to have Natalie on for an episode about Homestuck (MS Paint Adventures?) but that didn’t quite pan out as you’ll discover. Anyway, we cover a lot of topics (Book of Mormon, My Little Pony, sliced bread, Team Starkid, The Legend of Korra, etc), so it’s best if you just take a listen.

Nerd Rage:
Terry rages about Les Miserables while Colin rages about the poor quality of the Transporter TV series which is based off of the fantastic Transporter films starring Colin’s Hollywood boyfriend, Jason Statham.

The JV Club
The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Sex Nerd Sandra
Gayme Bar
Silly Frags
No Math Allowed
Good Job Brain
How Did This Get Made
Drawn This Way
Gay Pimpin w/ Johnny McGovern
Chronicles of the Nerds
A Happy Go Lucky Scamp

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