Episode 24: Drunk and Disorderly ?>

Episode 24: Drunk and Disorderly




This episode goes nowhere and fast! It’s Terry, Colin, Matty and Sage talking about… stuff.

  • Pixar has some new images from some of their movies.. so we talk about that.
  • Matty gives us an update on his thesis project.
  • Christopher Logan was nice enough to provide us with an e-review copy of his book DR.A.G which is a fun coffee-table book featuring pictures of various drag queens. You should check it out.
  • Colin and Sage briefly talk about the video games Rage, Slender and Amnesia. But Terry and Matty quickly get bored with the topic and change the subject. Maybe next time gaymers!
  • We [Terry and Colin] also talk about our experiences in LA, including: roller coasters, Disneyland and Bent-Con.

After that things quickly deteriorate into chaos as we try to convince our token straight guy [Sage] in to dancing at Silverado to raise money for a copy of Ni No Kuni.

Nerd Rage:
Terry is disappointed with Portland’s Little Big Burger. Instead, if you’re in the neighborhood for a burger, try Wow! Burger or Killer Burger.

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