Episode 25: Matelotages and Art School ?>

Episode 25: Matelotages and Art School




Terry, Colin, Matty and Sage are back again this week with even more randomness for your podcast listening enjoyment. We have three main topics this week:

  1. Gay Pirate-themed Nautical Erotic Fiction. Terry’s doodled up some artwork for the e-book edition of Treasure Trail: Erotic Tales of Pirates on the High Seas. We probably are the first podcast to spend so much time devoted to gay pirate erotica. If there is another podcast out there that covers this topic, I’d like to hear it. Seriously, hook a homo up with that.
  2. Video games! Sage and Colin geek out about Bastion, F.T.L., Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Kingdoms of Amalur Colon Reckoning and Rage. Terry and Matty look at them as if they’re talking a foreign language.
  3. All four of us have attended art school to varying degrees. Colin’s dropped out twice. Terry’s graduated. Matty and Sage are nearing the end of their school experiences.

We also have some sub-topics including:

Nerd Rage:
Seared ahi tacos.

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