Episode 03: Star Trek and Beyond ?>

Episode 03: Star Trek and Beyond

And we’re back for Episode 03: Star Trek. In this episode Kimball and I talk about Star Trek. It’s something that I grew up watching while Kimball only recently discovered it. Naturally, I have school him on the finer details of Voyager. We also do our best to forget that Enterprise ever existed. There’s also something called Star Trek: Phase II that we discover and talk about. The video clip we watch in the podcast can be found here.

Terry and Kimball will return in
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  • http://twitter.com/GiantGayNerd Gregory Hirn

    OMG, 3:23 Preach!!!

  • http://twitter.com/GiantGayNerd Gregory Hirn

    Also, I have to admit I’ve seen all of them chronologically. ALSO, Give the last 2 seasons of Enterprise a chance! I hated it originally but was sad to see it end.

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