Episode 34: You Mocha Frappuccino! ?>

Episode 34: You Mocha Frappuccino!




This week Terry and Colin are joined by the dynamic duo of Natalie and Molly!

  • Our fabulous podcast hosts talk about their recent two-nights-in-a-row trip to Portland’s Hamberger Mary’s to enjoy the Honey B. Hart Show where we were treated to drag queens singing songs from Disney films and The Labyrinth.
  • Speaking of musicals, Cyndi Lauper helped turn Kinky Boots into a musical. Colin, however, pitched this idea five years ago. What I’m trying to say is… Cyndi Lauper stole my idea.
  • Speaking of ideas I’d like to steal, while on a book buying trip to Powells, Colin came across the best. book. ever. It’s called The Glory Hole Murders by Tony Fennelly about a retired police office who is called back onto the force to use his homosexuality to solve a string of murders.
  • Speaking of situations I’d prefer not to be caught dead in, some dude in Florida wants to be a merman? Yeah, that happened this week on the internet. (“Merman! Merman!”)

When all is said and done, if we had a main topic this week, it would probably be awesome movies we’ve recently seen. Natalie saw Overboard. Terry watched Safety Not Guaranteed and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and a documentary about Bronies. All this led up to the four of us watch one of the best movies ever, Crank staring Colin’s hollywood boyfriend, Jason Statham.

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