Episode 36: As Seen On The Internet ?>

Episode 36: As Seen On The Internet




Stop. Before you listen to this podcast you should watch Supanatural over on Amazon. This show may change your life or your life will be the exact same as it was before. Needless to say, Supanatural has the Gnerd Podcast stamp of approval.We should probably get an official stamp and stamp things we like. Happy Endings, for example, would get the Gnerd Podcast stamp of approval because we talk about it nearly every single podcast.

Speaking of podcasts, Jimmy and Conley joined Terry and Colin for this week’s episode. Conley’s on loan from us from The LadyLike Book Club who podcast about really awesome lesbian romance novels. The LadyLike Book Club also gets the Gnerd Podcast stamp of approval!

Circling back around, Amazon is streaming some new pilots and allowing you, the viewer, to vote and give feedback. Using this form of product testing, they will be able to figure out which shows to invest money in and make more episodes of. Again, Supanatural is great but so is Onion News Empire (a Gnerd Podcast stamp of approval for them too!).

Then there’s Netflix’s Hemlock Grove… which has not yet received the Gnerd Podcast stamp of approval. Terry and I [Colin] only watched the first episode and were confused for about 50 straight minutes.

Anyway, enjoy the podcast!

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