Episode 39: 40 Is The New 39 ?>

Episode 39: 40 Is The New 39


EPISODE 39: 40 Is The New 39



This week’s episode is a double-date! Terry and Colin are joined by Mr. and Mrs. Jade and Cory.

In this week’s episode we spend a good deal of time talking about the Damsel in Distress: Part 1 video from Anita Sarkeesian. It stirred up a lot of controversy when it first appeared. Terry also brings up the response from thunderf00t. So if you want to watch these videos prior to the podcast, have at it. Terry, Jade and Cory watched it prior to recording this podcast while Colin, the gaymer of the group, only watched it after we recorded this. Somebody should have told him sooner. I guess I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself until Part 2 of Anita’s video series comes out.

Once we settle the role of women in video games debate once and for all, we talk about Jade and Cory’s awesome Endlessly Enraptured project which features profiles on small, local artists/creators/business. Give a listen!

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