Episode 01: Briar Hollow ?>

Episode 01: Briar Hollow

Kimball and I are excited to announce a brand new collaboration! Feeling that we’ve already explored the “web comic about nerds”  genres, we’ve decided to expand in to the “podcast featuring gnerds” field. Yes, that’s “gnerds” with a silent G. What’s a gnerd? Webster’s online dictionary describes a Gnerd as “The word you’ve entered isn’t in the dictionary.” An alternative definition is “the cultural classification of people who self-identify as gay and as a nerd.” Gnerd equals gay nerds, which is what/who Kimball and I are. We hope to have a new podcast every other Wednesday.

In our first action packed episode we talk about doing a podcast and Briar Hollow. Let us know what you think!

Terry and Kimball will return in
The Gnerd Podcast: Episode 02: Friendship is Magic (aka My Little Pony)

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