Episode 05: Glee? GLEE! ?>

Episode 05: Glee? GLEE!

This podcast was recorded when Glee’s third season was just beginning and since then I have written a longer post about my thoughts, why can be found here: terryblas.tumblr.com

But basically says this:

A few things I can’t get over with the writing on Glee:

1.) How is it that New Directions needs to add a few jazz band members to their group to be eligible to compete at Sectionals and that is a story point, but nothing is explained as to why all of the Troubltones have 8 girls from what could only be…I don’t know…the dance team??? And there isn’t even one line about how they recruited members? This could have been fixed by ONE line. One single line:

Mercedes as she preps for their performance: “I just wanna say to the dance team, we couldn’t have done this without you.” OR “Thank goodness the dance team could help us out.”

Quinn re-recruits the Troubletones after their sectionals loss saying that Mr. Schue has agreed to let them have a solo performance if they join. What she really should have said was: “Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and Sugar…you can all get a solo performance…but those other eight girls who just rehearsed and danced their asses off…forget them. They’re not coming. Oh, and where do you all rehearse? Because when we don’t have our choir room or auditorium we flip the fuck out, as witnessed two years ago when Sue took it away from us and April had to BUY it for us. Just wondering.”

2.) And for that matter, how is is that the Glee kids are so unpopular and nerdy, yet all those girls joined the Troubletones? I don’t get it. That one line could have fixed it. I also think it’s funny how Sugar and her dad basically created the Troubletones with money just so she could be in a group because the New Directions rejected her, yet now it looks like she’s basically in it. Sugar stating that “she just wanted to be part of a winning team” totally changed her character. She has been relegated to the background where it never seemed like she wanted to be. They are what I call “Season Two-ing” her. Changing her character to suit what they think the needs of the show are. That leads me to my next point…

3.) Clearly Glee runs off of a pattern. Season one had them winning Sectionals (I assume because it was the twelfth episode and they didn’t know if they would be picked up. It had to end happy) yet at the end of the full season, they lose their Regionals to Vocal Adrenaline. It makes sense story wise to me BUT the following year, Season two, they win Sectionals, win Regionals (which for some reason this year was NOT against Vocal Adrenaline—and I understand that’s so that they can compete against them at Nationals) and then they lose Nationals. WHO IS DRAWING THESE GEOGRAPHICAL BOUNDARY LINES for who competes who sectionally and regionally and nationally? It’s different every year! I don’t get it. Recently, Blaine just congratulated Sebastian on The Warblers Sectionals win, so if New Directions doesn’t compete against them at Regionals, LIKE THEY DID LAST YEAR then that’s just poor writing for the sake of moving the story forward. But I’m moving away from my point. I think they are trying to make a huge glee club to compete at Nationals since the pattern suggests that they will win. this would make it more epic and make the New Directions rise to glory that much more amazing. But by also making the glee club bigger, you get viewers used to more kids so that next year, when a bunch of them leave, you get a glee club that at least has: Artie, Tina and Blaine who have established that they are juniors (don’t get me started about how this messes up Blaine’s continuity from Season 2) as well as Sugar, probably Sam, that tiny Irish kid and probably that annoying girl from the other school who is obsessed with going to a college called NYADA although she is a high school SOPHOMORE which they just established in the last episode. Is it just me, or does that blatantly scream: WE’RE USING HER NEXT YEAR!!!! Ugh.

4.) I’m glad that the writers are trying to fix a lot of Season 2’s mistakes but all this Quinn bipolar craziness should have happened in Season 2. Like, it took her a year to react to her having a baby? Uh, ok. Her growing friendship with Mercedes in Season 1 was my favorite thing about that season and they acknowledged it at the beginning of this season but that just made it more apparent how strange it is that it’s non-existent. Also, why has no one pointed out to her that, “Bitch, when you give your child up for adoption, they don’t just give it back to you when they find hot sauce in the parent’s house.” What if they’re Latino, like me? My family would have flipped if we didn’t have hot sauce in the house, no matter how many babies.

5.) Speaking of Latinos, Santana is the best character on the show. I understand that the family member she speaks most of is her Abuela and that she is probably closer to her than anyone but I almost threw something at my TV when she was like: “Update y’all! I told my parents and they were cool with it.” What? That is a scene I would like to have seen. I don’t like how quickly that was glossed over, and she is a gay character I relate to much more than Kurt. Not just racially, but her sick humor and witticism are hilarious and underneath it all, she isn’t the person she pretends to be. Also, the scene with her Abuela should have been in Spanish. It would have been much more powerful. Glee is the gayest show on television and when I showed it to my father, I felt I had to keep defending myself whenever Kurt came on the screen. That’s not me, that’s not what all gay people are like etc. Blaine, Santana, Karofsky, and even Brittany are all gay or bi and yet the “gay face” of the show is this complete stereotype. I ultimately think it’s more damaging to gay kids who see the show, that they will get more attention and be more accepted if they are crazy into fashion and musicals and sound like a girl. It bothers me to no end. Sebastian may be a villain, but he is more of a realistic gay character to me than Kurt ever will be. Not because he is villainous but because he seems more real. I also don’t see what Blaine sees in Kurt.

6.) The casting rumors about Rachel’s dads really bother me. Do they really need to be singers? Mike’s parents don’t have musical backgrounds. Neither do Burt and Carol. I would be much happier if they just cast the two people in the small photograph from the pilot. The funny joke of “We still don’t know which one is my biological dad” was funny cause one is clearly a small Jewish man and one is black. If that’s just a joke…fine, but if Rachel really believes that, then she could have had many a “I’m black too, or might be” jokes. IF they HAVE to cast musical theater people, my votes are Nathan Lane and Jesse L. Martin.

I see the potential in Glee and that is what makes me so upset. It could be much better than it really is.

Please give Mercedes a storyline. And give Tina one that doesn’t completely hinge itself upon a boy.

That’s all.

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