Episode 41: Xbox One, The Venture Brothers ?>

Episode 41: Xbox One, The Venture Brothers




Terry, Colin, Jimmy and Conley are in the recording studio this week to talk about various gnerd things.

On the Xbox One:
Colin likes to adapt the un-popular opinion which is why he wasn’t upset with the Xbox One reveal. Everybody else, however, seems to loath the system and are concerned about their privacy being violated. Also, have you liked The Gnerd Podcast on Facebook yet?

On The Venture Brothers:
Jimmy and Conley greatly enjoy this series. Let them regale you with tales of their favorite episodes and characters in anticipation of the new season starting June 2nd.

On Star Trek:
Like a herd of gnerds, we descended upon the theater this week to watch J.J.’s latest film.

On Steven Universe:
Steven Universe is a new series coming to Cartoon Network. The pilot episode can be found on Youtube in between take down notices from CN.

On The CW:
I had a really great joke here that I was going to use but have since removed it so I can use it elsewhere. Your loss! Anyway, the CW sure does like paranormal romance TV shows, amiright?

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