Episode 49: Vidja Games ?>

Episode 49: Vidja Games


Hey gnerds, this episode is for all the gaymers out there. Sadly, we could not make it to GaymerX this year, but are open to the possibilities of going next year. Sure sounded like fun. Anyway, big news: I got a 3DS (Friend Code: 3668-8219-9999). So that’s what Terry and I [Colin] have been playing lately. We also talk about Indie Game: The Movie, Fez 2 being “canceled”, Gone Home (from Portland-based The Fullbright Company), the games A Dark RoomCandy Box and Titanfall.

Before we recorded this podcast we played an awesome card game called Metagame. It’s nearly impossible to find (but you can here), but it’s incredibly worth it if you are a fan of video games.

Anyway, enjoy the episode. See you next week for our 50th freakin’ episode!

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