Episode 07: X-Men Assemble! ?>

Episode 07: X-Men Assemble!

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In this episode we talk all about X-Men. From comics, cartoons and movies if it’s X-Men related, we’ve mentioned it (although admittedly we fail to mention any X-Men video games). Rocky joins us again this episode although he has little interest in X-Men. Still, Rocky does manage to share his thoughts on skinny jeans because X-Men and Skinny Jeans go hand-in-hand?

We also mention the How Did This Get Made podcast which is a hilarious critique of really bad movies (in particular, Catwoman).

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everybody who has been listening and commenting on the podcast. We look forward to continuing to make podcasts in the coming year. Are there any topics you’d like us to talk about? Because, seriously, coming up with new topics might be the hardest part of making a podcast. Tweet me your ideas (@terryblas) or simply leave a comment below.

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  • http://Blogger.com Kelly

    You guys show talk about your top five favorite movies and/or TV shows. Also I hated it when I found out Chris Evans was going to play Captain America even though he had already played the human torch in the "Fantastic 4" movies, especially since they're both Marvel.

  • http://www.terryblas.com Terry Blas


    Stay tuned, because we are going to record a few episodes all about tv, the new shows that are premiering and our returning favorites!

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