Episode 58: The Gnew Gnerd Podcast ?>

Episode 58: The Gnew Gnerd Podcast


Much like a freshman in college, we’re experimenting. Colin took it upon himself to alter the standard Gnerd Podcast format this week. This is what happens when you leave Colin alone. Last time Terry went out of town (he was at APE this past weekend), Colin re-arranged the apartment and blamed it on Animal Crossing. Seeing as how Terry won’t be able to protest until after this podcast goes live, we’re just going to roll with it.

This week it’s Colin, Jimmy and Conley so it’s mainly video game talk. Nothing wrong with that, right? For you non-gamers out there, we also talk about our need to watch halloween movies in the near future and start planning the most awesome wedding weekend ever. If all goes according to plan, we will be auctioning off the film rights for said wedding weekend in the fall of 2015, so start saving up now.

With the new format we started doing something I like to call… Gay Questions. Or maybe Gay Trivia. I’m not sure. I was tempted to cut in an audio clip from Jonny McGovern’s song Gay Questions, but I’m not sure of the legality of using songs in podcasts, so I opted not to do that.

Gay Questions:
1) Which artist has made more #1 hits in the US? (a) Britney Spears, (b) Lady Gaga, (c) Pink or (d) Katy Perry (the answer)
2) In Pokemon Red/Blue, if you used the Surf HM ability to go east of the S.S. Anne, what decor item do you find there? (a) A Snorlax that wont wake up, (b) a bike, (c) a truck or (d) a tree with fruit. (the answer)
3) How many days in 1995 was the government shut down? (the answer)

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