Episode 63: DJ PS4 ?>

Episode 63: DJ PS4


Hey gnerds! How you doin’? We’re doing good, thanks for asking. The holidays and starting to pick. I was at the mall this morning and they already had a Santa. How crazy is that? Let’s get through Thanksgiving first before we move on to the next major holiday. Speaking of major holidays, the Playstation 4 came out this past Friday! We didn’t get one, so we called upon DJ Kirkland to share his impressions with us. Next week Colin will be able to share his thoughts on the Xbox One. How’s that for fair and balanced news? Take that FOX!

We also mention some interesting things in the Gnerd News section of our podcast:

  • There’s a new Dr. Who minisode, The Night of the Doctor, which features the return (and end) of the eighth doctor!
  • Read Only Memory is an 90’s inspired adventure game being created by the folks who brought you GaymerX. The game is currently on Kickstarter and will set you back only $6.00! Jump on this.
  • The trailers for Noah (will this be in 3D?) and Maleficent have been released. Yay? Also, this is a thing that is happening.
  • Is this Persona 5? What about Fallout 4?

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