Episode 70: A Gnerd DP: The Second D ?>

Episode 70: A Gnerd DP: The Second D

EPISODE 70: A Gnerd DP: The Second D

We here at the Gnerd Podcast consider ourselves to be unconventional, to say the least. Take for example the latest episode. It’s numbered 70. What happened to 68? To find out the answer to that you’ll have to listen to episode 69 which will be posting later today. What’s that I say? Two podcast episodes in a single day? Why, yes. Why not? Introducing the first Gnerd DP (Double Podcast). Since Terry requested that this episode go up first yet was recorded later, this one is the Second Dose. Here it is! And now a message from Terry:


Sorry for the absence, but sometimes life gets in the way, right? 
Anyway, always wanting the podcast to be more gay, Terry invited Matty back on, only to have him alerted to the fact that Matty had never seen Mulan! Teach the Children indeed.
In this episode, Terry and Matty discuss how the internet exploded when Zac Efron got his shirt ripped off at the Teen Choice Awards, the amazing Brony parody that Bob’s Burgers created: The Equestranauts, the fact that Mad Men is back, and of course, our topic for this episode, RuPaul’s Drag Race. 
Join us as we dish on our favorites queens, our not so favorite queens and who we think will be in the top three. 
Also, we discuss the drag themed documentaries, The Queen, Pageant, Wigstock,The Sons of Tennessee Williams, and Paris is Burning. 
Stay till the end to find out which celebrity Matty met at work! 

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