Episode 71: B.F.G.B.F ?>

Episode 71: B.F.G.B.F


This is Episode 71 with Matty and Terry!
In this episode you find out about Matty’s obsession with 90’s MTV Teen soap, Undressed and the Will and Grace reunion that is not happening! We also discuss the latest Drag Race episode, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Steven Spielberg making The BFG, and the Darren Stein movie G.B.F.!
Also, we have a collective freak out/argument over Jurassic World and how we feel the dinosaurs should be depicted. I feel bad that Conley wasn’t there for that.
We may go on for a few minutes about Alyssa Edwards/Alyssa’s Secret and Matty’s idea for a starring vehicle for her.

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