Episode 78: Matty Comes for Comicon ?>

Episode 78: Matty Comes for Comicon

EPISODE 78: Matty Comes for Comicon

Terry and Matty are back! HIIIIIEEEEEE!!!! This week, they mainly discuss Comicon news. Here’s an extensive breakdown:
-Gal Gadot’s new Wonder Woman costume.
-Matty confuses DIC for DC.
-The Maze Runner and author James Dashner being very pleased with the film.
-Teen Wolf’s current season.
-Korra being moved to online exclusively.
-The Big Bang Theory cast negotiations.
-Frozen being on Once Upon a Time.
-Matty’s hate for The Producers.
-Terry watching West Side story for the first time.
-Moon Animate Makeup! The new Sailor Moon animated masterpiece.
-Episode 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal and how bad the animation is.
-Matty abandoning me for new friends Jason and Steven.
-The Kim Kardashian game…again.
-Matty’s hate for Ariana Grande
-The clip of the guy who hates Gaga but loves Kelly Rowland.
-When Matty talked to Zac Efron.
-The James Franco prank of his brother Dave and Zac Efron dating.
-A funny episode of Broad City (well, they’re all funny)
-The atrociousness of the new Annie movie.
-Into the Woods and Stephen Sondheim.
-Elaine Stritch.
-Jackie Beat and Mario Diaz on Besties for Cash!
-The Del and Emerson show podcast discussing the article regarding gay white men stealing black female culture.
-The JV Club’s Boys of Summer series.
-The Comeback coming back!
-Alyssa Edwards and Laganja Estranja on Besties for Cash!

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