EPISODE 91: Cocktails and Cocoons. ?>

EPISODE 91: Cocktails and Cocoons.

EPISODE 91: Cocktails and Cocoons.

Terry is joined by Matty, Scott, (and briefly) Audrey.

In this episode they discuss:

-Terry’s experience at Emerald City Comic Con.
-Trixie Mattel and Robbie Turner at R Place in Seattle.
-An update about RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 07 so far!
-Terry prepping for RuPaul’s Drag Con!
-Matty’s fascination with Mrs. Kasha Davis.
-The 1960’s Drag Pageant documentary, The Queen!
-How many issues we had with the new Cinderella movie.
-NBC’s new musical, THE WIZ. And we cast it too!
-Shangela’s Uptown Fish music video.
-This video where teenagers listen to music from the 90’s and have no clue.

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