Episode 09: Transformations (Drag Race & Teen Wolf) ?>

Episode 09: Transformations (Drag Race & Teen Wolf)

It’s been awhile. It’s sort of like that type of situation where you go on a couple dates with a guy and everything is going good and you’re having fun, but suddenly, for some reason, he just vanishes and doesn’t return your calls. Then it’s a couple months later and you run into him at Trader Joe’s and you ask him, “How have you been?” been what you’re really thinking is “You bastard, why didn’t you return my text messages?” It’s like that, sort of.

Getting back on topic, we’re back! Did you miss us [me]?

In this episode I am joined once again by my good friend, Matty Newton who you may remember from such episodes as The Musical Episode and Disney Cartoons. This time around we discuss our favorite contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the upcoming All Stars season, and the spin-off, Drag U. We also discuss a new obsession, MTV’s scripted Teen/Drama/Horror/Comedy/Action series, Teen Wolf.

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  • Profilerchic

    So, I'm new to your podcasts, but I'd like to be the first to give an opinion on Teen Wolf as a hetero-20yr old-female. Honestly, the thing that drew me in was Derek and Stiles (and I'll also admit I'm a tumblr user.) I had been seeing gifs, and posts about the show pop up overnight when it seemed like everyone was watching it. I started shipping Sterek from afar. Then, because I was damn curious about it, I actually sat down and watched it. At first, it was, "Holy.. these guys are hot. and Scott is such an idiot" But I knew that there would be some excellent moments and I have always loved the comic relief and broody characters, and so I gave the show a chance. During the first season, yeah it sucked a bit, but that's to be expected-but it was offset by the excellent characters, witty dialogue (somewhat predicable at times), and the ever cliffhanger-esque episodes. Once I reached season 2, it just all went downhill. I fell more in love with the characters and the plot intrigues me (it doesn't help that Jeff loves to rip out our hearts and then hand us excellent moments like Stiles and Derek in the pool or the gay bar scene-much like Kripke does in Supernatural). It's a good show and I love what kind of example it's setting for future generations. So yeah..
    Just wanted to say loved this podcast. Keep it up. ^^

    • http://www.terryblas.com Terry Blas

      You just described exactly how I feel about the show! It gets better and better with every episode and season 2 sold me. I still think Scott's kind of dumb and I love Stiles.

      I also love what you say about the show setting a good example for future generations.

      Glad you liked the podcast!

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