Episode 10: It’s Too Damn Hot ?>

Episode 10: It’s Too Damn Hot

And we’re back… again. Sorry that took longer than expected. Ideally we will be uploading a new podcast every two weeks (or bi-monthly if you’re the curious type). We were all set to do just that. We sat down with some friends and recorded two great episodes. One was about the cartoon Adventure Time and they other was about my favorite TV show ever, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Sadly, due to a technical malfunction, those two episodes did not record.

So instead of trying to recapture the magic and spontaneity of those two episodes, we’re just going to push on and act like they never happened. We’ll probably revisit those topics later on.. after enough time has passed.

In the mean time, in this episode Colin (@TheBookPirate), Matty (@Thats_So_Matty) and myself (@TerryBlas) don’t want to feel left out, so we talk about the Olympics. We follow up that conversation with the comics we’re reading at the moment.

In the podcast we mention the following subjects:

  • What does Koji Murofushi and a Koopa Troopa have in common? Turns out, they both throw hammers occasionally.
  • As a follow-up for Colin’s desire to have Rugby be an Olympic sport. As it turns out, it will be in 2016! Unfortunately, so will Golf.


Enjoy the episode! Let us know what you think in the comments or bug us on twitter.


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