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The Gnerd Podcast features an ever rotating cast of characters. Here are some of the more frequent guests.

Terry Blas (Archive)
Gnerd College Major: Art
terry-gnerdTerry Blas, the original founder of The Gnerd Podcast, is a freelance artist in Portland, OR. He is the creator of Briar Hollow, a webcomic about nerds in college and enjoys Diet Coke, My Little Pony, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Terry is available for commissions and is more than willing to take your money.
Contact: Twitter, Tumblr, Website

Scott Lupatsky (Archive)
Gnerd College Major: Anglophilia


Scott Lupatsky is a (non-traditional) student at Portland State University studying Business Management and Community Development.  In his spare time, he is obsessed with all things British and can be found watching something on the BBC at any given time (usually cuddled on the sofa with his partner Terry Blas).
Contact: Twitter, Facebook

Matty Newton
Gnerd College Major: Musicals

matty-gnerdMr. Matthew Newton is a graduate of PNCA.
Contact: Website

Gnerd College Major: Table Top Games
Gnerd College Minor: Webcomics


Sage is the Gnerd Podcast’s token straight guy.

Contact: Tumblr (1), Tumblr (2)

Gnerd College Major: General Nerd Studies


Gnerd College Major: Video Games
Gnerd College Minor: Fantasy Literature

conley-gnerdConley can also be found geeking out about lesbionic romance fiction over on The LadyLike Book Club.

Gnerd College Major: British Culture
Gnerd College Minor: Shakespeare


Natalie Nourigat
Gnerd College Major: Studio Ghibli Film Studies

tally-gnerdNatalie Nourigat is the world renowned artist whose artwork can be seen It Girl & the Atomics, Husbands (the comic) and the upcoming graphic novel based on The Thrilling Adventure Hour. She is co-curator of the Republic City Art Museum and draws reaction comics to popular movies
Contact: Twitter, Tumblr, Website, Blog